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This site is under construction.

Welcome to the new, dedicated to promoting white hat, MMO EULA-compliant Inner Space and LavishScript mods!

What does that mean?

  • There will be no automation of gameplay
  • There will be no hacks, exploits, cheats, reading of game memory, and so on
  • There will be no "private servers" or emulators
  • There will be no discussion of, or linking to, any of the above.

What will we find here?

You will find resources for development of mods for Inner Space, as well as mod releases. All discussion and available mods here will be MMO EULA-compliant, and will be unrelated to hacks or bots of any sort.

You might find things like:

  • Resources for ISXTwitch, the Twitch Streaming extension for Inner Space, used by Twitch Streaming via ISBoxer
  • Real-time Log file analysis and rendering -- text-to-speech, damage meters, combined multi-character chat windows, etc
  • Overlays or in-game interfaces for TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Internet Relay Chat, instant messaging clients and so on
  • Skins to change the appearance of new or existing in-game interfaces
  • New types of GUI widgets, such as radial menus, that can be used in other mods
  • Documentation for all kinds of Inner Space mods, including documentation for the new LavishScript 2 and related compilers like ls2csc (C#), as well as LavishGUI 2

Other examples of white hat, MMO EULA-compliant Inner Space mods: