LavishScript 2

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LavishScript 2 is the successor to LavishScript. Aside from the name, it bears little resemblance to the original LavishScript and its intended purpose is slightly different: LavishScript is essentially a command shell scripting language, so its design generally revolves around "commands" that might typically be entered at a command prompt, a la unix; LavishScript 2 is designed to be a more mainstream Object-Oriented programming system with familiar tools and syntax. It has a compiler and an IL assembler, and bytecode is executed by a runtime environment (virtual machine).

The LavishScript 2 runtime environment manages...

  • Object type definitions ("Types" for short), which may each have their own methods and properties (static and non-static)
  • Modules, which are developed in C++ and may access the features of the runtime environment
  • Scripts, which are developed in LavishScript 2, compiled to LS2IL, assembled to bytecode, and executed by the runtime environment
  • Events

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