ISXTwitch:twitchwebcamdevice (Object Type)

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The twitchwebcamdevice Object Type manages Webcam device information for ISXTwitch.


  • string ID: The Webcam device's unique ID, used by twitchwebcam:Start
  • string Name: The human-readable name of the Webcam device
  • string Status: The status of this Webcam device; one of Uninitialized, Capturing, Stopped
  • uint CapabilityCount: The number of capabilities (resolution, etc) supported by this Webcam device
  • twitchwebcamcapability Capability[#]: The given capability, by index number (NOT the same as Capability ID #)
  • twitchwebcamcapability CurrentCapability: If this Webcam device is in the Capturing state, the currently active capability


  • Start[CAPABILITY ID #]: Starts Webcam capturing using this Webcam device, with the given Capability ID #
  • Stop: Stops this Webcam capturing

To Text

Returns "ISXTwitch"