ISXTwitch:twitchwebcam (Object Type)

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The twitchwebcam Object Type manages Webcams for ISXTwitch.


  • string WebcamState: State of the Webcam support; one of Uninitialized, Initializing, Initialized, Starting, Capturing
  • twitchwebcamdevice CurrentDevice: Currently active Webcam
  • uint Devices: Number of available Webcams
  • twitchwebcamdevice Device[NAME]:
  • twitchwebcamdevice Device[#]:


  • Initialize: Initializes Webcam support
  • Shutdown: Shuts down Webcam support
  • Start[DEVICE ID,CAPABILITY ID #]: Starts capturing using the device specified by ID, and capability (resolution etc) specified by capability ID #
  • Stop: Stops capturing
  • PopulateDeviceIndex[index:string]: Given an index:string, populates it with the list of Webcams, by Device ID

To Text

Returns "ISXTwitch"