ISXTwitch:twitchmarqueewidget (Object Type)

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The twitchmarqueewidget Object Type manages information about Marquee Widgets for Custom Scenes in ISXTwitch.

Inherits From


  • string MarqueeType: The type of Marquee; one of Text, TextFile, Image
  • unistring ImageFilename:
  • unistring TextFilename:
  • uint TextPollMS:
  • unistring Text:
  • twitchfont Font:
  • uint FontHeight:
  • uint FontColor:
  • uint ExtraPixels:
  • float PixelsPerSecond:
  • float Position:


  • SetText[text]:
  • SetTextFilename[filename]:
  • SetImageFilename[filename]:
  • SetPixelsPerSecond[float]:
  • SetExtraPixels[#]:
  • SetPosition[float]:

To Text

Returns same as Name