ISXTwitch:twitchchat (Object Type)

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The twitchchat Object Type manages Twitch Chat behaviors for ISXTwitch.


  • string ChatState: State of Twitch Chat; one of Uninitialized, LoggingIn, Chatting
  • twitchuser Broadcaster: The broadcasting user, if he is connected to chat
  • twitchuser User[NAME]: The given user, by name
  • uint Users: Number of users connected to the chat room
  • bool IsAnonymous: TRUE if the current chat connection is anonymous (not logged in to Twitch via username/password)
  • bool IsConnected: TRUE if connected to chat
  • string ChannelName: The name of the connected chat room


  • Initialize: Initializes an anonymous user for connection to Twitch chat
  • Initialize[USERNAME,PASSWORD]: Initializes a Twitch user for connection to Twitch chat
  • SendChannelMessage[MESSAGE]: Sends a message to the channel, or executes a command (note: Not all Twitch Chat commands are supported by the Twitch SDK at this time.)
  • Connect[CHANNEL NAME]: Connects to the given Twitch Chat room, assuming a non-anonymous Twitch user has been initialized
  • Connect[CHANNEL NAME,bool Anonymous]: Connects to the given Twitch Chat room, anonymously if the second parameter is TRUE
  • Disconnect: Stop chatting and disconnect from the Twitch Chat room
  • PopulateUserIndex[index:string]: Given an index:string, populates it with the list of usernames currently in the Twitch Chat room

To Text

Returns "ISXTwitch"